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screaming ngl

I’m showing this to every moron who thinks British boys are the cute gentlemen from the films because ding dong, you are wrong

This makes me feel sick reading it and I don’t even want it on my blog but it’s true. This breed needs to die.

I knew far too many of these ‘lads’ so I exterminated them from my life.

Oh my god. This.

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I feel like my head is goin

I managed to get a job at a funeral directors. I went to the interview in late August and have been waiting to go through clearing for the official start date etc. I’ve now been out of work for a month and I’m hating every minute.

It’s enables me to do a ton of work on my thesis, and the time that I’ve had to do background reading and get my brain around concepts has been amazing. My family have been wonderfully supportive over the past month, Cole paid my car bill so I didn’t get into debt and has been paying for all the groceries, as opposed to the half he usually pays.

But Christ, I want this job to start. Like, so much. So there’s that.

I’ve got to wait until 8th October to officially start my PhD, which I know in two months time I will be begging for breathing space from my research but at the moment I’m getting really antsy about it.

Basically I just want my job to start and my research to start and I’m impatient. And I know it’s first world problems but gaaahhh.

How to escape after being buried alive in a coffin.




It could happen to anyone. People bury a person alive to scare them or to get rid of them. In this situation, rely only on yourself.

  1. Do not waste oxygen. In a classic coffin there’s only enough oxygen for about an hour, maybe two. Inhale deeply, exhale very slowly. Once inhaled - do not swallow, or you will start to hyperventilate. Do not light up lighters or matches, they will waste oxygen. Using a flashlight is allowed. Screaming increases anxiety, which causes increased heartbeat and therefore - waste of oxygen. So don’t scream.
  2. Shake up the lid with your hands. In some cheap low-quality coffins you will be able to even make a hole (with an engagement ring or a belt buckle.)
  3. Cross your arms over your chest, holding onto your shoulders with your hands, and pull the shirt off upward. Tie it in a knot above your head, like so: imageThis will prevent you from suffocating when the dirt falls on your face. 
  4. Kick the lid with your legs. In some cheap coffins the lid is broken or damaged already after being buried, due to the weight of the ground above it. 
  5. As soon as the lid breaks, throw and move the dirt that falls through in the direction of your feet. When it takes up a lot of space, try pressing the ground to the sides of the coffin with your legs and feet. Move around a bit. 
  6. Whatever you do - your main goal is to sit up: dirt will fill up the empty space and move to your advantage, so no matter what - do not stop and try breathing steadily and calmly. 
  7. Get up. Remember: the dirt in the grave is very loose, so battling your way up will be easier than it seems. It’s the other way around during a rainy weather however, since water makes dirt heavy and sticky. 


just in case guys

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